{ Mauck Wedding }

Gaz and Jen, a love story filled with perseverance 😉 , passion, excitement and adventure. When Jen asked us to shoot her wedding, we were initially booked on the date she requested. I was so disappointed as Jen would be any photographers dream to capture. Not only is she smokin’, but she is also an epic person. Jen came back to us a couple of weeks later, informing us that her wedding had been moved way way wayyyy forward as she had been offered an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Fulbright Scholarship Programme and would be moving to America in just over a months time! We were so happy when we both discovered that the only free weekend we had available was the date she wanted to have her wedding on. Score!

I had the best time shooting Jen on her wedding day. We laughed until our stomachs hurt. Jen and her bridesmaids were some of the naughtiest I have had the privilege to shoot. We had such fun! 

The Mauck wedding was simply beautiful, from start to finish. Gaz looked so handsome, and Jen angelic in a soft flowing dress. Troy and I were honored to be chosen to capture their wedding day, a very special one for everyone who attended! 

Gaz and Jen, we wish you an amazing time in New York State. What an exciting adventurous way to start off your marriage.