{ Muir Wedding }

We LOVE our job, and we genuinely love how every wedding is so different. We can shoot the same venue two weeks in a row and it is never even remotely similar. Lisa & Dean’s wedding was, however, completely different to anything we have done before, and turned out to be one of those wedding we just can’t stop talking about (and have been looking forward to blogging about since we shot it)

Lisa was one of those drop-dead gorgeous brides who could easily have been mistaken for a wedding dress model rather than just a young woman on her wedding day. Dean, being a pro rugby player in full training regime, filled his suit jacket with style too, making these two an impossibly picture perfect scene. Take a look at the photo of the rings side-by-side and you will see how this was a case of beauty and the bearded machine. In fact, the hashtag for this wedding was pretty revealing…. #peenmachine

In typical Durban style the weather was hotter than seems possible to support human life, but it was Lisa’s walk down the aisle that melted Dean’s face. A gorgeous outdoor ceremony at Durban Country Club, some crazy lineout action on the golf course, and then we hit the city, where things got a little wild. 

We stood in the middle of the downtown Durban streets, with the wind from the taxis flying past being the only means of cooling down. Death may have been closer than we all cared to consider, but we capitalised on a crazy/beautiful urban setting. Our adrenaline high was the perfect precursor to the wild reception night ahead, where the dancing did not stop, or even slow down! 

Thanks Dean & Lisa for the epic memories! 


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{ Perrett Wedding }

When Arielle first contacted me to book her wedding, I was so excited! Not only is she breathtakingly beautiful, but she is also a soft, gentle, kind-hearted person. We got to know Ari and Dylan over a cup of coffee at Jaxx, and knew that their wedding was going to be magical. Ari is very artistically talented and everything was done beautifully, with the help of friends and family. When I close my eyes, I can still taste their homemade cream cheese biltong starter. Yep. It was that delicious. We loved watching everyone come together and assist where they could, from making a giant flower arch, to preparing snacks and setting up the decor and venue. 

Dyl and Ari share a special, gentle love. Their passion for one another is so deep, and seeing this kind of love and special bond makes us stoked. Marriage is an amazing adventure, one that Dylan and Arielle will no doubt rock. 

PS: The dance floor was insane. 


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{ Pascoe Fiasco }

Shooting in the Midlands, we often contend with challenging weather and lighting conditions. We have shot in hail, mist, rain and apocalyptic storms, but every so often, the weather gods conspire to give us the perfect day. People came from all over the world, ALMOST missing flights (but making it on time). The weather was magical, the timing on point, all capped off with a beautiful and passionately in-love young couple. 

Hilton Bush Lodge, overlooking the Umgeni Valley, was the perfect setting for this gorgeous celebration. We loved shooting Emma and Edrick and will long remember the gorgeous private wine farm and sharing that incredible sunset on the airstrip road! 

PS, thanks to Ed for towing us out of the mud! 

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{ Mauck Wedding }

Gaz and Jen, a love story filled with perseverance ;) , passion, excitement and adventure. When Jen asked us to shoot her wedding, we were initially booked on the date she requested. I was so disappointed as Jen would be any photographers dream to capture. Not only is she smokin', but she is also an epic person. Jen came back to us a couple of weeks later, informing us that her wedding had been moved way way wayyyy forward as she had been offered an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Fulbright Scholarship Programme and would be moving to America in just over a months time! We were so happy when we both discovered that the only free weekend we had available was the date she wanted to have her wedding on. Score!

I had the best time shooting Jen on her wedding day. We laughed until our stomachs hurt. Jen and her bridesmaids were some of the naughtiest I have had the privilege to shoot. We had such fun! 

The Mauck wedding was simply beautiful, from start to finish. Gaz looked so handsome, and Jen angelic in a soft flowing dress. Troy and I were honored to be chosen to capture their wedding day, a very special one for everyone who attended! 

Gaz and Jen, we wish you an amazing time in New York State. What an exciting adventurous way to start off your marriage. 

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