{ Carr Wedding }

Kelvin and Amy’s wedding, set deep in the Drakensberg in the spectacular Cathkin Valley, was nothing short of epic. Tarryn and I had been on a scouting mission to their family home some months before and had been drooling over the thought of shooting this wedding ever since. We knew this was going to be a special one!

The garden ceremony, set in the garden of Kelvin’s home, had a backdrop like no other (check the pics). Monk’s Cowl and Cathkin Peak presided over the formalities as if they were close relatives! 

The creative shoot was an incredible whirlwind where we could barely take in how much beauty this valley was offering us, moving from scene to scene as God painted the most unbelievable sunset, just for Amy and Kelv.

Kelv and Amy had “warned” us that the wedding guests were party animals, but we had no idea. This was a wild one, and we did what we NEVER do: after finishing our pics, we partied (on Kelvin’s strict orders). All we can say is that we were glad this was the end of our summer wedding season, because we needed some decent recovery time after that party and the proper “tekkie squeaking” that took place. 

Kelv and Ams, we cannot wait to join you in Cathkin again soon!